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Client Stockton-On-Tees Council

Tourism Kiosk and Web Portal

Nibori was approached by a Stockton-on-Tees Council to tender for a touch screen based virtual visitors centre at Wynyard Woodland Park. This system would include a content administration system, supporting website and CD/DVD-Rom to be used a teaching support tool.

As Stockton Council systems concept was similar to a system that was developed for English Nature at a nearby site the council and more specifically the designated project manager was very keen for us to apply for the tender.

The initial specification for the system included elements such as a species identification and media library that would show interactive videos/animations and information on selected species, bird songs, galleries of visitors photos of the site and surrounding area that could be uploaded to the system via the screen, IP cameras that would show on screen and the website live feeds from bird box cameras, games, questionnaires, events, information pages, e-card and brochure selections all with the ability to be updated and managed remotely.

As always the first stage of development of any project we undertake is a consultancy period in which we analyse the initial specification and earmark any areas that could be expanded to add additional benefit to the client and any additional suggested functionality that may have been missed of the initial tender document. Because of the extent of the amount of the content on the species (over 600+ species in the species guide alone) One of the first things that was earmarked was the potential of the system to be rolled out through-out the existing sites in the council area, this meant that the system needed to be built in such a way that allows the re-skinning of the system to be deployed with the modules to be tailored to other sites with different content, and displayed on different hardware in slightly different formats.

During the actual tender meeting, we were demonstrating our design concept for the screens on a prototype 40" optical touch screen that was provided for evaluation purposes from one of our hardware partners in . The board was so excited about this solution that the specification was changed to incorporate this technology in the system. This made this system the first installation in the United Kingdom to utilise the same technology as is currently being used in Microsoft Multi-Touch Systems currently just starting to be implemented world-wide.

Happily, the first phase of the roll-out has just occurred with Nibori installing through glass touch screens at Ropner Park with the system being re-designed with a completely different look and feel for a minimum of cost and effort!