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Client MeetMe Limited

MeetMe Interactive Kiosk

Nibori were approached by a global airline logistics company to provide a safe and secure way to guarantee airline passengers could be met at their destination. Market research had indicated that approximately 7% of passengers were missed, with a resulting loss of revenue exceeding 22 million pounds per year. Standing in a congested arrivals lounge with a barely legible name scrawled on a piece of paper was not working. Surely a forward thinking company had to have a better way of doing this?

Nibori was tasked with providing a completely unique system. No other company had ever attempted this before! Our proven experience soon meant we were able to design and build the first prototypes and be ready to embark on the full production build! This brought with it a whole new raft of technical difficulties which we had to find novel solutions for, including the strict wireless transmission regulations in place at airports, which rule out any sort of WiFi, 3G or SMS communications!

From comprehensive client consultations Nibori provided conceptual designs to fulfil the requirements. Each solution was accompanied with a full project plan and cost analysis. The chosen core solution was centred on the creation and installation of a number of bespoke touch screen kiosks, which in turn would dispense hand held communication devices to passengers and meeters for a nominal rental fee. These devices would in turn receive information from the central system on passenger flight and location status, and alert the holder when the meeter or passenger had arrived. This system offers complete security for the meeting, allowing freedom to move around the airport and give the meeter piece of mind that they would never again miss a passenger in the crowds. By using Nibori, MeetMe were able to concentrate on their core business strategy while we concentrated on managing and producing a solution that addressed and met all their individual requirements including;

  • Bespoke integration including payment solutions, messaging modules and printing administrative tools with third party hardware suppliers.
  • Manufacturing and electronic design, development and build.
  • Flight data and location integration with BAA systems.
  • Creative design of hardware and software interfaces.
  • Website development including call and message centre software.
  • System integration, security hosting and support.
  • Interaction analysis, reporting and monitoring software.