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Nibori offers a complete video production service perfect for case studies, training and marketing. From shooting the usual 'talking heads and factory floor' corporate videos to product demos, documentaries and youtube virals.

We pride ourselves in authoring some of the most advanced DVDs from plain old DVD-video to DVD-rom hybrids as well as producing videos specially formatted for the web, CD-rom, Powerpoint etc.

All productions are shot using broadcast industry standard HD or DVCAM and then edited in Final Cut Pro with further motion graphics production and special effects compositing in Apple Motion.

Large portable backgrounds and daylight balanced lighting heads mean we can if needed set up a temporary studio almost anywhere for anything from interviews to product demonstrations and greenscreen special effects scenes.

Nibori also provide translation and voice over services, produced in a professional recording studio perfect for enhancing any video production or marketing animation.

We also design secure digital rights managed live content and e-conference streaming solutions, on open access, pay per view or a member restricted basis. Offering optional feedback and question and answer functionality.