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Nibori understand that information is vital in guiding business decisions, therefore we are pleased to offer a full range of services aimed at storing, securing and analysing your data.

Unlike many companies, who bolt the reporting or data services component on the end as an afterthought, we recognise that the data you collect is crucial to your organisation's future. As such, all our systems are designed with full reporting capabilities from the beginning.

We can offer systems relevant to your budget and needs, design and tune the database and ensure that you have the necessary backup and redundancy built in so that you are never without your most powerful business tool - information!

Our reporting and analysis solutions will be tailored precisely to your requirements.

From smaller bespoke web based reports through to global enterprise deployments on the internet, our comprehensive experience allows us to provide independent advice and offer both off the shelf and bespoke solutions to fit your need.

We are always happy to discuss the best way of implementing your solution for your organisation and all of our offerings are capable of integrating with your existing systems.

Working closely with Nibori I can honestly say I have been impressed with their integrity, honesty and ability. During our involvement we have enjoyed a very positive experience.